Interview Alert! Jimmie Robinson

Hello! Yesterday I ran an interview with Jimmie Robinson, the writer and artist for the Image Comics series Five Weapons. An all ages, creator owned comic? All over it! We spoke about the series, which got upgraded from a five-issue miniseries to an ongoing story, over at The Beat.

We also talked about the recent discussions that arose from Image Expo 2014, where critics pointed out that the all-star lineup onstage at the event featured almost solely white males. And finally? He offered advice for people who want to make comics:

if you want to “break in” using your definition, your rules, your style, your terms, then you’ll have to work with blinders and a pint of oil.  Blinders to keep focused on your work and a pint of oil for all the rejection and comments to slide off your back.  Being on the outside means being treated like an outsider.  Until you’re accepted and find a following it will be a rough ride that many will not make.  Even I gave up a few times.  And I won’t lie… there are times I still consider it.  So the advice I give to anyone is the advice I still give to myself.


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