Fox Unveil Their X-Men Days of Future Past Cast

Yesterday Empire Magazine unveiled 25 covers for their next issue, each of which features one of the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The covers are mixed, with Halle Berry already looking like she may be even worse as Storm in this than she was in the past movies. Evan Peters looks to be saddled with the worst of the costumes, whilst Blink looks pretty amazing. Sunspot is being played by a Mexican actor – rather than a black Brazilian – and Rogue is profiled despite apparently not making the final cut.

It’s certainly massive in scope and ambition, although many are worried that having so many characters in the film means we’re basically in for two-odd hours of fan-pleaser cameos and killings-off that can’t possibly hope to be satisfying. I’m pretty intrigued by the film, in that everything about it looks simultaneously great and absolutely awful at the same time.

There looks to be some real money thrown at the film, and a hope to out-do the Avengers franchise. And also, one thing that’s noticeable here is how Hollywood’s interest in hiring younger actresses has played out in their favour for this movie. They cast young actresses to play Rogue and Kitty in the first movies, and now continuity has meant they’ve had to cast those same actresses, now they’re older, in the same roles for the following films.

And as a result, Anna Paquin now looks MORE like the Rogue from the comics than she did before, while Ellen Page looks just how I picture Kitty Pryde to look. I just think that’s interesting, from a franchise standpoint. They started off looking young, because Hollywood thrives on youth and cast teenage actresses. Now, though? They’re obviously not exactly old, but they look to have grown into the roles perfectly.

Elsewhere, there’s all kinds of interesting things going on, with young and old Magnetos and Xaviers, a cast with wide-ranging diversity of gender and race, and Peter Dinklage looking amazing. The film is probably going to be one of the most interesting and unexpected blockbusters of the year. I have no idea whatsoever if it’ll be any good.

You can see all the assembled covers over here


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