Interview Alert! Steve Orlando

Hello! I write for a few different websites, and currently most of all I do is write interviews. And I want to share them with you! YOU HAVE NO CHOICE IN THIS MATTER.

This week, every day, I’ll motherbox ping-ping you about various interviews I’ve been conducted. And from then onwards, each time I do an interview somewhere else, you’ll also get to hear about it HERE.

On The Beat I spoke to writer Steve Orlando about his upcoming series for Image, Undertow.

Making things layered and dirty is how it gets texture and reality. If a world is going to be real, you have to be able to answer everything anyone could ask. You will find out how Atlanteans eat, how they go to the bathroom, how they fight, how they watch television, sleep while they’re buoyant. Even how they don’t explode when they come to the surface.

~ Steve Orlando 


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