Dynamite, Dark Horse – and AW YEAH COMICS! It’s Captain Action Cat: The Timestream CATastrophe!

Dynamite week really kicks up another fifty notches right now, with the announcement of a four-issue crossover from Art Baltazar, Franco and Chris Smits: Captain Action Cat – The Timestream CAT-Astrophe! Featuring silver-age characters, Dark Horse characters, and the cast of Aw Yeah Comics, this is probably the biggest event of 2014.

Yes! This is one of those books that excites me into a right ol’ tizzy, as Action Cat will get to meet Captain Action… Cat, along with a whole host of other characters – Ghost, X, The Occultist, Captain Midnight and more. Starting in April, the miniseries will see the creative team send the Aw Yeah Comics cast through time, and right back into the silver age of comics.

As the timestream starts to get tangled up and crossed over, they’ll have to save the day as more and more strange things start happening. Amongst them is the fact that the classic action figure character Captain Action will get involved — although he will, you see, be a cat. Captain Action Cat, to be precise. It’ll be Captain Action Cat and Action Cat teaming up against Evil Cat and Doctor Evil Cat, mark my words!

Starting in April, this will be a four-issue miniseries from Dynamite. AND if that’s not exciting enough – head over to The Beat right now, because I JUST INTERVIEWED ART BALTAZAR AND FRANCO ABOUT THE EVENT!!

Right,  need a sit down now. Too much excitement!


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