Get Some Links Down Yer 20/01/14

Oi, you! Yeah you, wandering round the internet with this look in your eyes that says “Steve! Show me some links!”

OH YOU WANT SOME LINK BLOGGING DO YOU? Let’s see what I can pull out of my magic sleeves, then, you radiant beauty of a blog reader, you.

Last week I interviewed Sally Jane Thompson, a writer/artist/letterer/colourist all round comic maker extraordinaire, and we spoke about her new project Now and Then – which you can pick up yourself for $1 online.

Valiant have announced a Shadowman miniseries by Peter Milligan and Valentine De Landro, called Shadowman: End Times. There’s no indication that the main series will continue whilst this miniseries is happening, and no confirmation thus far that Shadowman will exist as a series afterwards. Is this the first Valiant cancellation?

* Allison Baker, co-publisher for Monkeybrain Comics and an incredibly smart marketer and writer, has a new column on CBR. Her first article is about Image Expo, and the photo – seen above – taken of the creators featured, who were overwhelmingly made up of white males.

* Speaking of – for Black History Month, Brian Cronin will be profiling 28 African-American comic creators in February. You can get more details here.

* DC have announced that Ted Kord will be making an appearance in the New 52 shortly – following on from previous reveals of Stephanie Brown and Wally West returning.

Here’s Arthur Goldstuck interview with the founder of Tapastic, Chang Kim. Tapastic brings the Korean webtoons style to a western audience, in essence – and you can also read an interview I did with Tapastic right here!

* Andrew Wheeler had a bit of a worry about Michael Douglas

* And finally – Francesco Francavilla drew a birthday card for Scott Snyder:


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