UK Comic Conventions 2014

Let’s compile a list! 2014 is going to be an utterly huge year for comic conventions and events, and I can’t for the life of me find anywhere which acts as a calendar for which events are happening when. That in mind? Here’s the calendar, as far as I’m aware. Please let me know of the events I’m missing in the comments below, or tweet me over ‘ere.

2014 in UK and Ireland Conventions: let’s go!

15th February
MCM Midlands

8-9th March
Newcastle Film & Comic Con

15-16th March:
London SuperCon

22-23rd March:
MCM Birmingham

5th April
Dundee Comics Expo

27th April:
Wales Comic Con

3rd May
Free Comic Book Day

10-11 May:
Bristol Expo

14th June:

5-6 July:
Glasgow Comic Con

19-20th July:
MCM Manchester

2nd August
International Comics Expo

9-10th August:
Dublic Comic Con

6-7th September
MCM Scotland

13-14th September:

17-19th October:
Lakes International Arts Festival

Canny Comic Con
Comica Comiket
Leeds Alternative Comic Expo
Melksham Comic Con
Thought Bubble

Kapow Con


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