Get Some Links Down Yer 13/01/14

Hey, you, you lovely-faced breath of fresh air. What’re you up to at the minute, just wandering round the internet, reading bits and pieces as they strike your fancy? Well why not cram these links down yer greedy (but radiant) eyeballs, then?

* Rachel Deering’s successful Kickstarter anthology In The Dark has been picked up for a print run by IDW! Another Kickstarter project makes a leap across to a print publisher, and hopefully this could lead to more anthologies led by her in future.
* I interviewed Rachel for The Beat back while the anthology was still on Kickstarter, incidentally – click through here to have a read!
* Marvel have announced a five-issue Doop miniseries from Peter Milligan, Mike Allred and David LaFuente. This, I think, actually makes Doop the only series at Marvel to feature an LGBT star, which is quite a silly fact to state but hey, this IS Doop we’re talking about.
* Zainab has picked some the finest the choices from January’s crop of comics, led by a new volume of Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos’ Cow Boy series, over at Comics & Cola.

* This week’s Judge Dredd Megazine sees the start of a story from Rob Williams and RM Guera – you know, from Scalped? And as you can see, he seems to draw the leanest Dredd you’ve ever seen. Dredd also looks like he could do with sucking a few more lemons – get some vitamins down you, squire.

* If you head down to Multiversity today… you’ll find a trailer for Casanova Acedia, the fourth volume of the series which will come out this year through Image.

* Kevin Melrose finds some strange and interesting Batman-themed furniture from Malaysia, although you’re going to have to pay for them.

* What did I do this week? I interviewed the editors of The Newcastle Science Comic for The Beat!

And finally, The Outhousers kindly provide an artistic representation of the leaked-and-then-pulled cover for Amazing Spider-Man #1:


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