Announcing my 2014 Comics Campaign

The time has come to formally announce the campaign I plan to be running throughout 2014, as a comic critic and as a human being. It’s important to set goals, mainly in the form of demands made to massive companies who don’t entirely know you exist, and so for 2014 I shall be hounding Marvel Comics.

My platform? That Kitty Pryde puts on her glasses again.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s high time that comics started celebrating the fact that people wear glasses. Chris Claremont, when writing the X-Men, filled his work with real-life events, which spiced up his characters and made them empathetic. People went for ballet lessons, or to University, or spent hours and hours working on their gardens. Characters went to the gym or to the park for a walk. They did things that real people do. And Kitty Pryde, the heart of the X-Men, changed most every issue somehow.

Around about the time of Magneto’s trial – X-Men 200, I think? – there was a subplot about Kitty’s vision starting to dim, which required her to need glasses. It was GREAT! Because I wear glasses, I’m basically blind, but there are barely any characters in comics who similarly wear them! Sure as a white guy I’m represented by basically 94% of comics, but details like Kitty’s glasses made me feel more at home with the characters than before.

(This is kind of a silly post, written whilst in the throes of a hangover, but this IS actually a true point. When I see somebody dismiss the importance of representation, I think of how much more I like Kitty because she wears glasses like I do).

BUT THEN HER GLASSES WENT AWAY. Sure maybe she’s wearing contacts or something – but couldn’t she wear glasses from time to time? Perhaps not ones like these:

But you get the idea? So as I’m currently using this blog to write any errant thought which comes into my head, without any foreplanning or prep – I formally announce that in 2014 I will campaign to Bring Back Kitty’s Glasses (BBKG)


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