2013 in Comics Interviews

With 2013 finishing, I thought it a good time to do another list of things what I done this year. I’m quite the braggart, as you all know. Over the course of this year, I tried out a load of different things with interviews – from Skype to character profiles, alliances with Dynamite and The Phoenix – with different successes. Here’s the, I think, complete list of every interview I could find that I’d done this year.

It’s interesting to see the patterns that emerge. Interviewing Will Sliney led to subsequent interviews with Irish creators Stephen Mooney and Declan Shalvey (and others in the works as we speak!). Adam P. Knave pointed me in the direction of Vera Greentea, Emma Vieceli recommended I talk to Kate Brown, and a lot of Kickstarters got profiled!

One of the other noticeable things here is how many people from Monkeybrain I spoke to. Now I’m not saying I should be feted as a HERO to all at Monkeybrain Comics… but well yes, I suppose this is exactly what I’m suggesting. Expect more on that front in 2014, hopefully! You should also expect, hopefully, for more articles at CBR. Getting a full-time job at the start of December put a short halt to me pitching them interviews, but I hope to get back on track in 2014 with them. Fingers crossed!

I think there’s a somewhat half-decent level of diversity in the people I spoke to – but it definitely could be more diverse. Part of that is because several interviews fell apart over the year (some creators agreed to interview and then fell off the face of the Earth once the questions reached them, as happens sometimes) but partly because, well, I suppose I’m not approaching enough people.

I get to interview anyone I want for The Beat. I rarely… if ever, I think…. have an interview foisted on me, so everybody here is somebody I chose to speak to. You can see that in a few cases, where I’ve just labelled the interview as “talks about COMICS” – those are the people who didn’t have anything to promote, but I just wanted to chat to cos I like them.

So here goes – 2013 in Interviews by Steve!

17th January: Ron Perazza on Think Tank

24th January: Will Sliney profiles Valkyrie [Fearless Defenders Series]

6th February: Will Sliney profiles Misty Knight [Fearless Defenders Series]

5th March: Michael Moreci on Mini Comics Included

13th March: Will Sliney profiles Dani Moonstar [Fearless Defenders Series]

2nd April: Stephen Mooney on Half Past Danger

10th April: Will Sliney profiles Warrior Woman [Fearless Defenders Series]

15th April: Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton on Code Monkey Save World

16th April: Jimmie Robinson on Five Weapons

17th April: Arthur Wyatt on The Streets of Dan Francisco

23rd April: Emma Vieceli on COMICS

26th April: Dan Berry on Make It Then Tell Everybody

29th April: Tom Fickling on The Oxford Children’s Comics Festival

30th April: Antony Johnston on Alex Rider

6th May: Greg Pak, Jonathan Coulton, Takeshi Miyazawa, Jessica Kholinne and Simon Bowland on The Princess Who Saved Herself

8th May: Will Sliney on Annabelle Riggs [Fearless Defenders Series]

10th May: Jamie Littler on Cogg & Sprokit [Phoenix Presents Series]

17th May: Neill Cameron and Daniel Hartwell on The Pirates of Pangaea [Phoenix Presents Series]

21st May: Kate Brown on COMICS

24th May: Rob Deas on Troy Trailblazer [Phoenix Presents Series]

7th June: Zak Simmonds-Hurn on Simon Swift [Phoenix Presents Series]

12th June: Will Morris on 2000AD

14th June: Garen Ewing on The Secret of the Samurai [Phoenix Presents Series]

28th June: Gary Northfield on Gary’s Garden [Phoenix Presents Series]

5th July: Jamie Smart on Bunny Vs Monkey [Phoenix Presents Series]

12th July: James Turner on Star Cat [Phoenix Presents Series]

15th July: Matt Wilson on The Supervillain Field Manual 

18th July: Jen Vaughn on Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective

1st August: Declan Shalvey on COMICS

9th August: Daniel Hartwell and Karen Rubins on Chatterbox [Phoenix Presents Series]

14th August: Adam P. Knave and DJ Kirkbride on Amelia Cole

16th August: Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti and Ron Marz on Skype Hype 

23rd August: Laura Anderson on Evil Emperor Penguin [Phoenix Presents Series]

28th August: Brian Reber on Valiant Comics

9th September: Vera Greentea on Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits

13th September: Tom Fickling on Simon Swift [Phoenix Presents Series]

20th September: Evil Emperor Penguin on…. himself [Phoenix Presents Series]

30th September: Rachel Deering on In The Dark

12th October: Al Ewing on Loki, Agent of Asgard

6th November: Paul Duffield on The Firelight Isle

12th November: Fred Van Lente on Action Presidents

13th November: Justin Aclin and Nicolas Selma on S.H.O.O.T. First

14th November: Will Sliney profiles Ren Kimura [Fearless Defenders Series]

26th November: Bill Willingham on Legenderry

27th November: Kieron Gillen and Lisa Wood on Thought Bubble [CBR]

27th November: Sean Williams, Adam P. Knave and Andrew Losq on Artful Daggers

3rd December: Si Spurrier on Disenchanted [CBR]

11th December: Greg Pak on Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

16th December: Gail Simone on Red Sonja

17th December: Dave Elliott on A1 Annual

19th December: Jim Steranko on FROGS


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