So! Here are Three Resolutions for Year 26

The idea is that you set up a list of resolutions every January 1st, and see how long you can keep to your new rules before you go back to your dirty old ways. Butttttttt January is a right old pain for resolutions – it’s cold, Christmas is really far away, and all you want to do particularly is stay at home and eat chocolates, one after another, for an extended period of time.

So I’m laying out my resolutions TODAY! It’s my birthday, I’m 26, so this is how I think 26-year old Steve should be behaving:
1: Tidy Up My Twitter
My Twitter account is home to every half-thought I have, currently, which means I spend a lot of time apologising after saying something rude – if not accurate – about things which have been bugging me. SO from this year onwards, I’m going to look at cleaning that up. I’m pretty bad for slinging an attack at poorly-written comic articles, or what I see as cronyism on some of the bigger sites – really stuff which feels very noticeable to me, but perhaps just to me only.
This year I want to stop complaining on Twitter. I won’t stop offering negative thoughts on things that have them coming – this doesn’t mean I’m going to only be positive about comics – but I will stop being pessimistic. The comics industry seems to use Twitter as a way to be bitter and downbeat about stuff, and I want to be one of the people who talks positively and progressively. 
Yes, I think Uncanny Avengers is regressive and an awful comic – but articulating WHY and the various way it merits that, in my mind? That’s better than just going “oh this sucks”. It can get very petty and downbeat sometimes when you’re writing about comics, and I want to be more articulate, throw more adverbs in, and so on. 
2: Leave Other Sites Alone
On that same topic, I do have a tendency to passive-aggressively attack other critics and reviewers. I think that’s one of the problems we’ve set up for ourselves, actually. Comic creators are always going to be resentful and upset with proper comic critics, because we set ourselves in a position to critique their hard work. But their dismissal isn’t what makes us seem worthless – it’s that we all attack each other.
So! This next year, I hope to cut that out entirely. We need all the support we can get, and it certainly doesn’t help anyone to have me sat on their shoulder, pointing at their work and yelping “why are you giving this a ten out of ten?!”
3: Emphasise the Good Writing
And finally, hitting the third point – I want to be more positive when people ARE writing something great. I want to be an active presence in comment sections, popping in to say “this was a great article, I really enjoyed your thoughts on….” to people. Positive reinforcement for the people who are doing the really good work! I sometimes feel like the worst critics get all the praise and attention, whilst the hard-workers, the smart writers, and the interesting thinkers are ignored because they’re too controversial or unwilling to suck up to creators and companies.
So this next year? I’m going to be in comment sections, giving a reason TO read those! This will be the year where I fight to reclaim the comment section in the name of SANITY! Or, at the very least, in the name of bad puns about whatever topics people just poured their heart and soul into.
So those are the three things I want to do this next year. I have a bunny avatar, and now it’s time to live up to all that. Being a comic…. critic? Reporter? I don’t count myself as a journalist, I just bumble along most of the time… it can be a little frustrating. Only about five websites pay people, nobody respects you, and it feels like nobody is ever listening. Hopefully by following the three resolutions above, and bucking my game along, I might be a better and more useful member of the larger comics community this next year.

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