Comics Vanguard’s Hat Wearer of the Year 2013

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – time to reveal just WHO was the best hat wearer in the comics industry for 2013! All year the Comics Vanguard staff (five goats, a leprechaun, and a confused-looking Belgian called Trampoline) have been carefully picking out our nominees, looking at all kinds of comic creators before reaching our final countdown.

The results have been independently verified by my dad, who nodded at them all after a quick glance, and can now be revealed. HERE ARE THE COMIC CREATORS WHO WORE THE BEST HATS IN 2013!

(photos may not reflect 2013 hats. All hats are copyright their owners)


Doug Braithwaite (Storm Dogs, Unity)
Modelling the flap cap


Sarah McIntyre (Oliver and the Seawigs)
Modelling… that


Calvin Reid (Editor, Publishers Weekly)
Modelling The baseball cap.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winner! A cheque for £4000 will be on the way to all of you, and will bounce shortly after that. Honourable mention to Tula Lotay for her beret, although I couldn’t find a photo of that so she got bumped to fourth place. Perhaps 2014 will be her year instead! 
Who knows what the future will bring

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