Afua Richardson Isn’t Drawing a Storm Series But It’d Be Brilliant If She Did

Weird non-story blew up, as they tend to do, over Twitter. Rich Johnston said that Marvel are making a Storm series, reported that with just good faith as his evidence, and then Heidi MacDonald said it’d be great if artist Afua Richardson were hired to draw the book. Then that started getting reported as Afua Richardson IS drawing the book, and, oh dear, things got lost in nonsense.
But what did happen is that the Afua Richardson recommendation hit the internet, and loads of people suddenly turned to take a look at her work – and it’s STUNNING. If this all leads to Heidi’s recommendation being taken on by Marvel? Well, Richardson has said that she’d love to do a Storm series.

I’d have her take up boxing ( since she already knows Capoiera from her time in Angola) , get a motorcycle  ( that she rigs to runs on electricity ) Go punk, get a tattoo to remind her of how far she’s come and have her cut her hair in a mohawk. Drive out west because of an idea that Xavier planted in her head and she has to find a way to to get there. his voice is different than the storm deities in her head. It would be funny if they manifested themselves in images that came around at inappropo times.
I want to see the human side of storm. She’s so perfect and regal, she almost has no personality. She’s the all goddess, but she’s unlike any person i’ve ever known. With out fault or doubt, without mistake or waver. I mean granted, I don’t care who writes her, she’s a pleasure to see on the page. Its not in her character to BE weak, but with in that, I think lies the fault. Pride before the fall n all that. Storm , scared and fragile is not storm at all to be honest. But I’d like to establish how she came to be so stoic and comprised. A person who can control a monsoon MUST be incredibly balanced…

So, hey – she may not be drawing a Storm series. BUT MAYBE HIRE HER FOR ONE? Or, well, for anything really. Her work is lovely, fluid, and thoroughly charming. I’d love to see it at Marvel.

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