Knight (& Dragon) Means Right (& Dragon)

Skipping through the aisles of the Forbidden Planet this morning, as I’m wont to do when the air outside grows deep and crisp and yet society still won’t let me listen to covers of Holly Jolly Christmas, I came across Knight & Dragon, which looks like it could become one of the new best comics of the year.

Coming out via Improper Books, this is a choose-your-own adventure sort of idea, by Matt Gibbs, Bevis Musson, and Nathan Ashworth. Each character has their own associated colour, and readers can go through the story multiple times, following a colour trail, and see how each character in the book has their own, intersected, storyline.

Also! There are going to be pin-ups from Neill Cameron, Dan Boultwood, Sally Jane Thompson, and Garen Ewing – look!! Cameron’s is above, and Thompson and Ewing’s are below:


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