Dark Horse Release Teaser for Juice Squeezers #1

Companies are getting more and more adventurous and silly with their press releases, aren’t they? I absolutely love this sort of thing – I’d say that I ‘lap’ it up, but I know how much you all frown upon laboured and yet incomplete puns. Because this is a new series from David Lapham, you see, a four-issue miniseries coming from a Dark Horse Presents serial.

Juice Squeezers, as you could get above, is an all-ages miniseries which pits kids against giant bugs, covertly fighting back the gross beetle forces without letting the grown-ups know. Due for release in January next year, this’ll be the first of nine back-to-back comics from Lapham at Dark Horse in 2014. Juice Squeezers will take up the first four months, followed by a five-issue miniseries called Kid McAllister in May.

Caleb Goellner at Comics Alliance has more.


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