The Long-Brewing Romance between Si Spurrier and Marrow

This week saw the announcement of X-Force, a series which will take characters from both Uncanny X-Force and Cable & X-Force, amalgamating them into a single group of four. Written by Si Spurrier, the series brings in Psylocke, Fantomex, Cable and Dr Nemesis from the previous two titles, but also adds in a new face: Marrow.

Now, you might not be aware of this, but the announcement of Marrow in the series brings to a head years of hard work from Spurrier. Since his first X-Men stories, he’s been trying to get Marrow back, only to be held back time after time. But finally she is here! Let’s take a quick look at the long and storied history betwixt Marrow and Si Spurrier:
Things kicked off with Age of X: Avengers, which I believe was some of his very first Marvel work. An alt-universe of sorts, Age of X was a mini-crossover thing headlined by writer Mike Carey, which had a few small spin-off titles launching alongside it. One of these was Age of X: Avengers, in which a team of basically fascist alt-Avengers went on a mission to try and murder as many mutants as possible.
And way back in this run, who popped up briefly?
There’s our Marrow! From there onwards, Marrow was always seconds away from Spurrier’s mind:

I have a weird obsession with Marrow, which my editor can’t possibly stifle forever. 

In a number of online interviews and convention appearances, Spurrier cited Marrow as a character he’d always liked and wanted to bring into the comics. Today, finally, with the announcement of X-Force, he’s finally made it to the big time. MARROW IS BACK, TRUE BELIEVERS!
Unless he kills her off first issue.


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