Marvel’s Kevin Feige is doing the rounds again

As we’re at the launch time of Thor 2, Marvel’s Kevin Feige – one of the more public faces of their movie productions – has been doing the rounds, suggesting that all the characters you like will one day get a film.

Most prominently this includes Black Panther, whose film has been expected to be announced for at least six years now. There’s still resolutely no sign of any actual progress with the film (which at least stands in contrast to the Runaways movie, which is currently dead) whatsoever, but Feige makes sure to mention the character every time he does a press run. Black Panther is, after all, one of Marvel’s most prominent black characters, and there is an expectation that at some point they’re going to have to commit to actually making his movie.

I don’t know when it will be exactly, but we certainly have plans to bring him to life some day.

The current Marvel publishing schedule is focused on follow-ups, with Thor 2 out this week, Captain America 2 (codenamed Captain America/Black Widow) and Guardians of the Galaxy next year, and then Ant Man starting up for sometime in 2015. That’ll also be the year for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

But moving away from the announced titles, Feige has also been asked about what else will be coming – which, let’s remember, means people are asking about projects which are still three years away from being released, but still – and when Marvel will make a move with their re-acquired properties. These include Daredevil and The Punisher, and it’s believed that Blade has also now returned to Marvel Studios too. Feige says he has plans, because he says he has plans for everybody, but we won’t see anything for the time being.

Dr Strange seems to be the property he’s actually keenest on talking up, being a character who regularly gets brought up in all these interviews. A writer is onboard with the project currently, and it looks set that Strange will be hitting the docket for 2016.

You know the title nobody is asking him about, though? Captain Marvel. Flutters hit the internet when it was revealed that Katee Sackhoff may have entered initial negotiations with Marvel to portray the character, either as part of the Avengers (the character appears in the recent Warren Ellis/Mike McKone ‘Avengers: Endless Wartime’, a book which bridges the gap between the comics and the movies) or in a film of her own. I haven’t been able to find anything about this online, despite every interviewer finding endless amounts of time to bring up Vin flippin’ Diesel.



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