Lego MODOK Has a Nice Day Out

Marvel released a whole load of pictures from the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game, ostensibly meant to showcase the villains decending upon New York. But, for some reason, the pictures all seem to be focused on just one guy – MODOK, as he goes exploring.

“Dear mother. Today I went to New York.

The guidebooks all said that Stark Tower was one of the biggest buildings in the city, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! They really didn’t signpost it very well at all, mother. New York needs a more efficient road system, it truly does.

So, instead of exploring the Stark Military Museum and Vineyard, I went for a float around Central Park. It was such a nice day! The sun was shining, there were ducks swimming up and down in the lake, and they made the most lovely noises when I pulverised them into burning dust with my hyperzarrg gun.

After that I got a bit lost, truth be told. That aforementioned road system, mother! I had a class scheduled for UCB, but sadly I missed it.

The good news was that this left me extra time to try out and ultimately burn to the ground several of the city’s nicest pizza places. Here’s a photo of me back with the guys at work, talking about our favourite toppings 🙂

But after a few hours shopping, there was really nothing else for me to do but get back on duty! I’ve been building this really neat electrogate which should really help out when I’m blasting the Earth into a crisp.
Hope you’re all doing okay back home! Best wishes to dad and grandma – hope she’s still keeping up with her dominoes! Are they still irradiated like I left them? Ha ha!

All the best,



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