Isabel Greenberg Defies The Metro; Is Female Comic Maker

Isabel Greenberg’s book The Encyclopedia of Early Earth is out today, a series of long and short stories compiled all together to form a big storyline which takes in myth, love, magic, science, philosophy, history, geography…
…It features everything in it. It’s a big comic book of basically anything you can think of, all mixed together to form a pretty fantastic whole. 
To promote the book, Greenberg was profiled in The Metro – a free UK paper which is given out on trains and buses. The article is… pretty awful. It starts off like this:

Isabel Greenberg is the new face of comics. Not just because one look at this petite, pretty blonde confounds the lingering cliché that comics are created by spotty adult males in unwashed Spider-Man T-shirts.

And basically goes on to ogle her at length, attempting to turn her into the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of the comics industry. Which she is not! She’s a person what writes and draws comics what are great, not a person who is female and therefore a shocking break from the expected.

This all draws from one of the worst aspects of mainstream coverage of comics – the simultaneous desire to posit that comics culture is simultaneously nothing like the Big Bang Theory but also, yes, exactly like The Big Bang Theory. Despite female cartoonists being some of the biggest and most acclaimed in the industry – hey Kate Beaton, hiya Alison Bechdel, and so on – the mainstream press still seems determined to be shocked every time it sees some proof that comics aren’t solely made by people in basements.

I’m not sure ANY comics are made in basements, you guys. I don’t think anybody makes comics in basements or ever has.

At any rate, it’s unsurprising that we all want to focus on how awful The Metro are. But that’s not where my focus is going to be. Because you know what? Isabel Greenberg HAS A NEW BOOK OUT.

We can all accept that the Metro’s article has a garbage angle to it. Isabel’s answers are smart and composed. The tone of the interviewer is ridiculous. But at the end of the day, you know what we should take away from this whole thing?



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