Marvel’s New Teasers: Are They About Darkstar?

Ahead of New York Comic-Con, Marvel have been sending teaser images to all the bloggers apart from me, promising new titles and storylines coming up. The important question (other than WHY aren’t Marvel sending STEVE teaser images?) regarding the images is “do any of these relate to Darkstar?”


Nah, this is a relaunch of Captain Marvel.

Nope! A relaunch of Thunderbolts

Ooh THIS COULD BE DARKSTAR RELATED. A global team of superheroes? It would make literally no sense for this to exclude at least Darkstar and Ursa Major

Dan Slott ‘killed’ Darkstar recently. The font colour is the same colour as the font from ‘Darkstar and the Winter Guard’. Could this be a storyline where Darkstar returns and exacts her righteous vengeance upon Superior-Spider-Man?

Excellent chance of some DARKSTAR! This is going to be a new X-Corporation, and the last time we saw one of those was in Grant Morrison’s X-Men. Darkstar was on that team! 


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