Earth 3’s Renee Montoya Shows Up

Renee Montoya is one of the more popular characters within DC Comics. A member of Gotham’s police force, she is heavily associated with writer Greg Rucka, who wrote her through Gotham Central, into 52, and then through to The Question. When the New 52 started up, though, she promptly vanished, and the snail pace of the ongoing Batwoman series – which seemed the most likely place to see her – teased and then forgot about the character.

But she does exist, and she’s out there somewhere, as seen in the pages of Secret Society #1, a comic set in ‘Earth 3’. This is an alternate universe to the main DC Universe, one which is meant to be a darker reflection of the characters we see every week. Should you read the comic? Well no, not really, not recommended at all.

But here’s where Renee showed up.

She’s on the second page, standing alongside her police partner Harvey Bullock, trying to mug Bruce Wayne’s parents as they step out an alleyway after watching Zorro. Here you go, readers! There’s a Renee Montoya appearance for you all to enjoy, showing up as a corrupt cop who tries and fails to rob a family at gunpoint.

Hurray for comics


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