What’s the Best Image Comic Right Now?

Revival. It’s by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton. It is the best Image title right now.

The covers are by Jenny Frison. So far the series has reached issue #14, with the first 11 of those issues collected into two trades. This is the best Image comic available – and by rights, one of THE best comics available, anywhere.

Revival bills itself as a rural noir, a sort of Fargo-meets-Stephen King sort of thing. In a small village out in the sticks, people suddenly start not dying. But rather than coming back as zombies or anything like that, they are stuck in the body and mindset from when they died. So the dead are walking, talking, chatting you up, and getting into all kinds of trouble.

There’s also something else going on, and several of these re-risen dead folks have something wrong with them. So they have to be kept under control. The Government ropes off the whole thing whilst journalists try to force their way in, and several citizens try to get out. Occultists and religious leaders and demon-hunters all get involved.

At the centre of the series is one of the best lead characters in any comic right now – Dana, a police officer whose dad runs the police and whose sister is causing trouble. Dana, whose son seems to have a new imaginary friend. Dana, who wears PRETTY AWESOME HATS.

Revival is a brilliant series. I recommend it at least five times over.


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