This Imagine Agents Comic Looks Pretty Great Eh

HELLO! We’ve been adrift for a year, floating in a velvet skyboat with anchor trailing down below the clouds, causing untold damage to planes flying underneath. Now it appears that Comics Vanguard is back! Soaring majestically across the horizon like some kind of man in a skintight lycra jumpsuit and visible knickers.

Hey, and doesn’t this look like a total load of jolly good fun? I’ve started getting emails from those folks at Boom! Studios – you know, the ones who do all the proper good fun all-ages comics? And they passed on the suggestion that hey, maybe we should all try reading IMAGINE AGENTS by Brian Joines and Bachan. Look! A cover!

The series is about a government agency called IMAGINE who are tasked with keeping the world’s population of imaginary friends contained, and under control. But those two on the cover – Elliott and his pal Furdlgrr (great name!) – step in and cause a bit of trouble for the agency.
The book will be out in three weeks, and is solicited for October 16th, if you please. I am all over this with the same righteous excitement that a bunny rabbit would deliver upon a dandelion.

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