How Will These Things Factor Into AvX?

In an interview with Newsarama, Kieron Gillen announced that his entire X-Men run has been created with the intention of leading the series seemlessly into Avengers Vs X-Men, the big event of this Spring/Summer for Marvel. Every page, every panel, every single line of dialogue was crafted to foreshadow and build up AvX. Which means that THESE THINGS must surely be showing up in the event somewhere…

Dazzler and Pixie are BFFs

Pixie had a bit of a tiff with Dazzler during Gillen’s first Uncanny X-Men arc, ‘Quarantine’, but they eventually made up in the most heartwarming panel to also feature classic Welsh slang thrown about regardless of America’s ability to understand it, of 2011. With the news that the Avengers are going to throw Pixie into a concentration camp, are we about to see Dazzler affect the single most fabulous jailbreak of all time? WILL DAZZLER PUNCH TIGRA IN THE FACE?? During the Regenesis one-shot, Dazzler was revealed as the new overseer of the New X-Men students (or at least the remaining ones), and she definitely now needs to stand up and rescue her charges. You’ve made a promise, Kieron Gillen!

Adam X is the X-Men’s Plan B

When all else fails, Cyclops’ last-gasp plan involves throwing Adam X, THE X-TREME, at his problems. He was ineffective against the Dark X-Men and less effective against Juggernaut. But will he be effective against Luke Cage?

Oneg The Prober is Hanging Around

Gillen’s first arc of the relaunched Uncanny X-Men not only saw Mr Sinister reasserting himself as superior to homo superior, but also brought in those cheeky funsters The Celestials for a quick cameo. They didn’t really have much to do, in honesty, but it seems pretty clear that they appeared for some kind of reason which, as of this moment, remains known only to Marvel. Amongst the Celestials was the big cheese himself, the creator of mutantkind, Oneg The Prober. Some people believe him to be the greatest X-Man of all time, y’know. If Oneg’s still around, keeping an eye on his favourite guys, then you can guarantee that he’ll leap in last-minute to save Utopia from a nuclear explosion.

Magneto Knows

Months and months back, Magneto stumbled upon the existence of Uncanny X-Force and asked Wolverine to do a favour for him. More recently, in the current ‘Tabula Rasa’ storyline, Mags has once again started asking questions about Wolverine’s secret hit-squad – this time to Psylocke. Wolverine’s side of the Schism is based on the premise that mutants should be integrated with society, that children should not be born into conflict, and that everybody can be whatever they want to be. Unless, that is, they want to not be part of a secret black ops kill squad. One of the original five X-Men recruited by Xavier was on that team, and now he’s dead. If Wolverine wants to hold the higher ground during AvX, then Magneto is the one who can destroy him. But will he do it?


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