DC Plays Musical Chairs with Milligan, Lemire, Cornell, Kindt, Jenkins

In news which looks suspiciously like an attempt to save DC’s “The Edge” line of books, the company have today announced a wacky switcharound of writers. Firstly, Jeff Lemire will give up writing Frankenstein in order to write Justice League Dark, leaving friend Matt Kindt free to pick up the Franky ongoing. Peter Milligan, as a result, will leave JLD, and move over to Stormwatch instead. This pushes Paul Jenkins off the title, and leaves him without any books in the New 52.

This seems interesting, because in interviews Lemire has said that JLD (which keeps Mikel Janin as artist, don’t worry) will now become analogous to the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee Justice League, in essence turning JLD into the flagship title of “The Dark” line of books. Kindt will writer Frankenstein, Lemire will continue to write Animal Man, and control over this line of titles seems to now belong to Lemire.

In turn, Milligan’s appointment on Stormwatch seems to be in order to make Stormwatch into the flagship title of “The Edge” line of titles, which was hit hard by the first wave of DC cancellations and now offers only a few titles – Grifter, Voodoo – to its credit. With Milligan in charge, Stormwatch can now become the home to any characters who lose their own title, and DC can attempt to keep hold of their Milestone and Wildstorm characters.

All conjecture. But it does look likely that DC are now going to be making one title in each set the ‘flagship’ of the line. Justice League, Superman, Batman, Justice League Dark, Stormwatch, and I don’t know what any of the “Young Justice” books are so can’t tell you which of those might be in line to take over there. Keep an eye on DC! This definitely seems to be part of a longer-term plan.


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