Don’t worry!! The Winter Guard *probably* aren’t dead

There was blind panic in the streets today as fans clawed out their hair and went on bloody rampages. The cause? Amazing Spider-Man #676, in which the Red Ghost launched an attack on THE WINTER GUARD that left them stranded in outer space, seemingly dead. Global share prices dipped dramatically, there was a rise in cyanide sales, and Russia prepped itself to enter COLD WAR II.

But you guys! Reeeeeeeeelaxx. We had a word with Dan Slott and got him to confirm that the Winter Guard probably aren’t ACTUALLY dead. There will be absolutely no follow-up to the scene, but rest assured that they escaped off panel and/or were actually a bunch of skrulls. We’ll try to get a quote from David Gallaher about this almost-tragedy just as soon as we can.

UPDATE: We got a quote from David Gallaher. You…. probably don’t want to hear it 😦

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