Thought Bubble 2011: Part 2

And on we head, into the depths (sometimes Murky, more on that later) of the convention. While other conventions may boast scores of big-time DC and Marvel writers, Thought Bubble prides itself on collecting together some of the best upcoming British talent. For every Gail Simone or Tim Sale there are countless self-published and small-press creators bringing an alternative approach to comic-books. We spent a fair amount of time wading through, chatting to them about The Jolly Postman and having neurotic competitions. Here are merely a few of the many amazing people who were present at Thought Bubble this year, and where you can find more from them.

Let’s start with John Allison, whose self-published and web comics have been charming a cult fanbase for several years now. The writer of strips like Bad Machine and Scary-Go-Round had several comics available at Thought Bubble, including Giant Days, a thoroughly charming and surprisingly accurate account of the first few days of University life in Britain. Focusing on Esther, a fresher entering University slightly worried and confused about who she’ll meet, the story showcases Allison’s ability to create realistic characters who still offer relentless comic potential. He was also one of ten creators to be immortalised in Lego by Adam Cadwell – we spotted a tiny lego Emma Vieceli too. Did anybody spot the others?

Milton’s Life creator Noel Curry was also in attendance, conveniently situated right next to the bar (which, judging from conversations we had towards the end of the day, people were really taking advantage of). Alongside postcards and other little gifts (including a heartbreaking Winnie The Pooh cartoon) he also had cartoons from his other projects, which you can find at and

Go Wildlife! is an anthology comic created by Gill Hatcher (part of the Team Girl Comic team) and Adam Smith, focused on mixing facts about animals with the threat of an Otter Uprising. A series of short comics about various wild birds and animals – including a great segment on The Great Auk. Hey, now there’s a sentence you were never ready to hear about.

Mister Hope was doing commissions, so we took him up on the offer, handing over a copy of Marvel’s renowned miniseries ‘Darkstar & The Winter Guard’. He came up with this:

Cute as a button. He also has a comic out at the moment – ‘365’ – which showcases a year of sketching. Challenged by the lovely missus hope (we assume this is her name) to draw one sketch a day for a whole year, he rose to the task and put together a load of cute nonsense. Which, as you’ll know, is the finest kind of nonsense available.

Friend to the site Nicholas Dishington wasn’t at the convention because he had some urgent lazing about to do, but Terry Martin at the Murky Depths table has Dishington’s photo comic ‘Shadowraith’ available for purchase. A bleak noir story which quickly gets bleaker and bleaker and then some monsters turn up and start shouting at people, it represents one of the latest releases from Murky Depths’ publishing division. The MD anthology series continues apace, mixing text with comics, photos, and anything else that falls under the creative banner. You can read old issues at their website.

Lani Irving had some delicate-looking comics available, which unfold neatly to reveal delicate-looking stories. But aside from revolutionising the way in which people can read comics, Irving also had fond words to offer for sensational children’s series ‘The Jolly Postman’, which we’d also like to recommend to anyone reading this. Irving’s table was filled with different merchandise, from postcards to her comics to embroidery, all of which was amazing. We’d also like to take the time to commend her for her next-to-impossible twitter handle, which is @laaaaaani

And finally, we had a nosy over at A Little Lost Shop, who must surely have won the award for most packed table at the convention. Titchy little comics sat next to full-size comics, jewellery, postcards, bookmarks, choose-your-own-adventures (one of which, A Useless Super-Hero, we picked up – silly, quirky fun), stickers and too much else to describe. Her business card, which we picked up, also had several tiny other sketches inside, which fell out when we opened it.

Thought Bubble, you guys! So much going on, and that’s without talking about the row of severed heads, cosplayers, roller-skating volunteers, or remote-control K-9’s buzzing around the place. Let’s end our roam through the convention… with Batman.



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