Batwoman #2 Preview: Bad News for Fans of ‘Words’

Entertainment Weekly, of all people, are the ones with the exclusive preview pages from next week’s Batwoman #2 by J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman. And while the pages look spectacular once more, just look at how little dialogue there is here. While some comics are happy to let the artwork do the heavy lifting, the writing on Batwoman doesn’t even make a cup of tea for its hard-working creative partner. To say the dialogue is sparse would be an understatement, which of course is also an ironic wordplay on our part. Kudos, Comics Vanguard!

Here are some pages to look longingly at and then wonder why DC even bother with hiring writers.,,20534314,00.html,,20534315,00.html

Will Batwoman #2 continue to get the incredible praise that was offered to the first issue? Or will the World finally see The Truth of ComVan’s Words?

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