Our Readership Goes Up When We Post Black Panther News

David Liss is writing the Black Panther title for Marvel at the moment, in which T’Challa (not technically Black Panther anymore, but ah well) has headed to Hell’s Kitchen to take over what Daredevil started and then totally wussed out of. He’s fighting someone called Vlad, and by all reports it’s a decent series. But BP should get a significant push soon, as Marvel have just announced plans for a Black Panther movie to be made. Writer Mark Bailey has been asked to write the first treatment of a script, and should that be given the go-ahead, Panther should expect to turn up on the big-screen at around the same time as Dr Strange or Ant-Man. As Storm is owned by FOX Studios at the moment, it’s unlikely she’ll appear. Tony Stark may well show up, however.

A lot of actors are interested in playing this role! It’s known that Djimon Hounsou wants to play it – he did the voice for the recent cartoon series. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Idris Elba are also some of the strongest contenders to play T’Challa. More when we get it!


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