Darkstar & The Winter Guard: New Pictures Of

It may have come to your attention that we are very excited about the imminent return of The Winter Guard to Marvel in David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’ forthcoming ‘Darkstar & The Winter Guard’ miniseries. Although it is very nice that Marvel are now in some kind of Heroic Age, while the X-Men are involved in Second Coming and the Hulks are… well, punching each other a lot; the most exciting thing to happen to the Marvel Universe in the past twelve months was indisputably last December’s ‘Winter Guard’ one-shot, which saw the deaths of both The Crimson Dynamo the… was it eleventh?… and Darkstar II, as well as the arrest of The Presence. It was, it’s fair to say, the moment in which Marvel finally gave in to unstoppable public demand and stopped writing stories about Deadpool for five minutes, in order to give us some more Russian bears. Well, every day brings us closer to the release of Darkstar & The Winter Guard #1, and editor Jordan D. White has revealed the first ever look at what we can expect. Two whole images! Two images of the issue have been released online, so let’s take a long hard look at them.

In this COLOURED image, we see the four current members of The Winter Guard waving to their adoring public. Look at little Darkstar III sat on Ursa Major’s shoulders! It’s also interesting to see that Red Guardian has updated his shield a little, and has replaced his arm (he’s a robot! Remember?) while The Crimson Dynamo’s armour seems to have been bulked up a little. Exciting! And then, in the second image – still in black-and-white – we see the team investigating some kind of mission. Ursa Major, you’ll notice, is not sat down or drinking water, as we previously reported to you EXCLUSIVELY here on ComVan! Who knows what the villain has done to provoke this response from Red Guardian? June seems awfully far away…


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