Marvel Announce Shadowland: Justin Bieber

Being a massively popular musician with millions of fans all round the globe obviously isn’t enough for Justin Bieber, the youtube sensation who could justifiably claim to be the biggest person in the World right now. His fans are some of the most passionate you’ll ever see, but that isn’t really enough for him. No, he wants to take on The Man Without Fear, and win! After releasing #1 after #1 into the charts, Bieber is soon going to release yet another #1 in August, as “Shadowland: Justin Bieber” comes out. No creative team have been announced as-of-yet, although we’ve pulled together a guestimate of what the cover may look like, which you can enjoy below.

A one-shot which details how the Daredevil-centric event will affect the pop star, the issue promises to reveal a previously-unknown backstory between the two which goes back to at least 1997. Previously thought to have no super-powers, the issue will shock readers with the reveal that Bieber is actually able to do everything Daredevil can – and more. Cameos are promised from characters like Elektra, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, while digital fans will be able to enjoy the issue whilst listening to an exclusive new song from Bieber, which relates the events of the narrative in real time. You may have thought that you knew everything there was to know about Justin Bieber, but wait till you see what Shadowland has in store for him!


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